JSD devotes itself to the production of raw materials for epidemic prevention products, non-woven fa

In early 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia continued to develop, and medical masks and protective clothing were in short supply. In this regard, JinShengDa chemical technology has made no mistake in epidemic prevention production. It has stepped up production of high-quality chemical fiber products to provide raw materials for downstream manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials.

As one of the largest functional fiber production bases in Shandong Province, the annual production capacity of JinShengDa Chemical Technology polyester new material is 2.81 million tons. When the reporter came to the automatic packaging workshop of JinShengDa chemical technology, he saw a busy scene, only one silk cake was neatly coded in the packaging box through the automatic packaging line. Then, a box of silk cake was loaded on the vehicle and sent to the downstream manufacturers of various epidemic prevention materials to make protective clothing and masks.

During the period of fighting against the epidemic, Jin Shengda did not forget the responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise and contributed to winning the prevention and control of the epidemic. It is worth mentioning that, in the emergency production of epidemic prevention materials, JinShengDa has donated 120 million yuan and 21000 sets of protective clothing to fight the epidemic.