Research claims that the research of mask materials in China has made a breakthrough

With novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic becoming more and more serious, many studies have confirmed the importance of wearing masks to prevent and control epidemic diseases, especially asymptomatic infections. At present, whether to wear or not is no longer a multiple choice question in the world.

In China, through continuous scientific research, research on reusable civil mask materials, new graphene masks and other related research, scientific and technological personnel have recently made important breakthroughs in key technologies, which will serve epidemic prevention and control and play a role in population health protection.

Latest research: masks may prevent seasonal coronavirus transmission

According to a research paper published in nature medicine Wednesday by Professor Benjamin cowling, CO director of the World Health Organization Center for infectious diseases and epidemiological control, School of public health, University of Hong Kong The relative content of virus in the exhaled air without mask. The results showed that in 111 subjects who had been confirmed to be infected with coronavirus, influenza virus or rhinovirus, masks reduced the detectability of influenza virus in respiratory droplets and seasonal coronavirus in aerosols, but did not reduce the detectability of rhinovirus.

New coronavirus (sars-cov-2) is closely related to seasonal coronavirus and may have similar particle size. Therefore, the team believes that surgical masks can reduce the seasonal coronavirus in respiratory droplets and aerosols, suggesting that wearing such masks in people with new coronavirus infection can help slow the spread of the virus.

"Nature" published the preliminary results of German medical experts' research on confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection, which showed that the replication of new coronavirus in patients' upper respiratory tract was more active. In the early stage when patients' symptoms were still light, that is, within the first week after symptoms appeared, the virus discharge ability of new coronavirus in upper respiratory tract was the strongest. Experts said the results also mean that the spread of the new crown virus is mainly controlled by droplets. Wearing a mask can play an effective role in this.

In an interview with science, academician Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, also pointed out that droplets play a very important role in the spread of the new coronavirus, so people should wear masks. The biggest mistake in the United States and Europe is that people do not wear masks.

Breakthrough in key technologies of reusable civil mask materials

According to the information from the Chinese Academy of engineering, in early February, academician Chen Jianfeng of Beijing University of chemical technology organized and led the State Key Laboratory Team of organic and inorganic composite materials of Beijing University of chemical technology to launch the research on emergency scientific research and carry out the research on "the technology of mask charge regeneration and reuse".

At the end of February, the project of "key technologies and industrialization of reusable respirators" was approved. Academician Chen Jianfeng was the general director of the project and Professor Zhang Liqun was the general director of the project technology.

According to the latest news from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the Zhang Liqun team has made joint breakthroughs with many scientific research teams inside and outside the school, and has made breakthroughs in the key technologies of reusable civilian masks. The team has developed a new material with high load charge / high static electricity attenuation, bacteriostatic and anti-aging three in one, and also a melt blown fiber material of polypropylene matrix.

After more than a month, each person wore a 8 hour voluntary masks experiment each day. The results showed that the melt blown fabric made of new materials had a high barrier rate to bacteria and viruses, and the antibacterial properties reached a high level, and the anti-aging performance was also very good. The mask can be used again after being dried or blown dry after being soaked in water above 60 ℃ for 30 minutes. If you wear 8 hours a day, you can use the new material mask for at least 3 days (3 days is recommended), which is equivalent to 3-6 times longer life of the traditional disposable mask.

At present, the new material has trial produced more than one million high-performance reusable masks in batch. In April, 10 million masks will be provided to help the capital to fight the epidemic and resume production.

Research and development of graphene mask completed the leap from technology to product

China aero engine group (AVIC) recently revealed that its research personnel of Aviation Materials Institute have successfully developed a new type of graphene mask with stronger antibacterial, better air permeability and longer service life. Among them, the use time of the new graphene mask is more than 48 hours, more than 12 times of the traditional mask, and the filtration efficiency of the new graphene mask is only reduced by 4% after continuous wearing for 48 hours.

Graphene is a two-dimensional multifunctional nano material composed of a single carbon atom. Graphene and its derivatives have the advantages of excellent broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral ability, good biocompatibility, and simple preparation process. Graphene mask is the key filter layer between spunbond and non-woven fabrics, which is composed of ordinary masks. It is a new type of protective mask formed by innovative application of new graphene polypropylene melt blown fabric material.

Since China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, China Aviation hair material institute has rapidly utilized the material and technology advantages to start the research and development of new graphene mask, and built a PP production line, a new graphene antibacterial melt spraying production line and a new graphene mask production line, and opened up the application chain of graphene in the field of biological medical protection and environmental purification in a short time. Rapid leap from technology to product.

In the future, AVIC will actively develop upstream and downstream production